3 Marketing Metrics Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

Stats for the restaurant industry

There are more things influencing a restaurant’s success than just the food in the kitchen. Any restaurant owner knows this. But there are a few key restaurant marketing metrics that every owner should know to improve their chance at success. Here are just a few of those marketing metrics:


  1. No Reservations

restaurants are adopting a first-come first-served policy to serve more customers and increase drink sales

According to OpenTable, themselves, no-shows are a problem for the restaurant industry. This is influencing many restaurant owners and managers to implement a no reservation, first-come, first-served policy.

Those that are doing so appear to be reaping the benefits. After all, once guests are already there, grabbing a drink while they wait for 20 minutes is no problem at all. So you’re selling more drinks, and you’re increasing the number of people you can serve each night, by not holding space for reservations.

2.  Instagrammable

social media can help restaurants gain popularity

Turns out, a restaurant’s success is made not just in the kitchen, but online too. Specifically Instagram has been attributed to the success of many restaurants of all types.

The burger chain, Shake Shack practically made their name on social media, and exploded with popularity. Their high-quality food is represented across their Instagram through high-quality images. This has made them 100x more successful than McDonald’s on instagram, according to analysts.

Other restaurants are taking notice, and this, as we saw last week in 8 Restaurant Industry Food Trends, this is inspiring food trends like bringing back nostalgic ingredients and upping the color of dishes.


3. Loyalty is Royalty

restaurants are focusing on growing their regulars that spend more through customer loyalty programs

According to Entrepreneur, current customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers. This restaurant marketing metric is huge for the restaurant industry.

Your regulars are fueling your restaurant. Increase your number of loyal customers and you increase your revenue. If you don’t already have a loyalty program in place…hopefully this restaurant marketing metric will change that. Discover tips and resources for implementing a successful loyalty program for your restaurant.