7 Simple Ways to Promote your Restaurant

7 Simple Ways to Promote Your Restaurant

Whether you’re a family-owned place with one location or fast-growing fast casual hoping to become the next big franchise, running a restaurant is tough enough. Promoting it? On a limited budget? Here are 10 simple ideas you can put into action now.

1. Print Marketing Messages On Receipts.

What costs less than 1¢ and goes out the door with every customer after they leave your restaurant? Use your register receipts for special offers, new menu items, or to ask diners to follow you on social media.

2. Brand Your Cups & Containers 

Plain white restaurant supplies are just that: plain. And they’re not pulling their weight to help you promote your restaurant. Custom-printed plastic cups and foam containers work overtime, reinforcing your brand among customers in store and on take-out items brought home. They also increase exposure among potential customers who see your branded items outside the restaurant. Custom foam cups for restaurants

3. Reward Customers For Following You.

Offer special privileges to those you engage on social media. Consider promotions like “Tweet Treats”  with exclusive promotions for your Twitter followers. Or “Stuff Your Facebook” Deals offered only to those who “Like” your post.

4. Partner With Other Local Businesses

Create joint promotions with other local business owners, offering their customers a discount when they dine in your restaurant following a shopping trip. Consider sharing mailing lists to send out joint promotional postcards — it not only expands your reach, but cuts printing and mailing costs in half.

5. Make Every Occasion Special

Customers could go anywhere to take their sweetie out for Valentine’s Dinner. One savvy fast food restaurant offers white tablecloths for romantic diners, plus a candle upon request. A regional sports bar
sells custom-printed plastic and foam cups with opposing team logos during playoff games — fans who buy cups representing the winning team get a free round on the house.  Branded disposable cups

6. Giving Back Pays Back

Offering your venue as a place to host community events not only creates goodwill, it’s good business by opening up your restaurant to new guests. Bringing free food and drink samples to other local businesses to share with their customers is a great way for new prospects to sample your menu and encourage visits.

7. Tap Into Today’s Trends 

The latest dish. Popular ingredients. That drink everyone wants. Adding just a few new menu items practically promotes itself. With the build-your-own-meals trend heating up 2018, BYO Bowls are big. Could your restaurant be the next hot destination for Pasta, Poke or Buddha bowls? Customize your own foam containers at www.cupprinting.com