Boosting Sales with Customized Cups & Containers

Boosting Sales With Customized Cups and Containers


As a restaurant owner, you insist on delicious food and impeccable service. That’s what important.

So what difference does it make if your disposable beverage and food containers are just plain white?  Why invest in customized cup printing when they’re only going to get thrown out?

Apparently, disposables aren’t. Researchers say they may have a longer lifespan than expected, and recent industry studies reveal interesting findings:


• 8 out of 10 consumers have promotional items in their homes, workplace and vehicles.
• 6 out of 10 may keep some custom-printed products with them for up to two years.
• 94% remember where they received their giveaways..
• 85% will most likely return to the business offering them.

Which means those “throwaways” can save the day when it comes to stretching your marketing budget. For pennies a piece, branded products help customers remember and recognize your restaurant. And they have the potential to introduce you to new customers with increased exposure to your logo, location and web address. Researchers also estimate an average of six other people will be exposed to branding on your cups or containers from the time they are purchased until eventual disposal.


Every Cup Is Filled With Opportunity

Restaurant Suppliers agree it’s a missed opportunity not to use customized cups and containers — especially for a fast food or fast casual dining establishment with many take-out orders. “When customers want to reach you after the sale — maybe to place another order— it’s smart to include your contact info,” says Omar, of,  The Houston-based commercial printer serves fast-growing restaurants all over Texas, providing customized foam coffee cups, clear plastic cups with logos and foam takeout/serving containers.

Cup Printing offers an example of a high-end coffeehouse: “If customers carry their drink out of your store, would anyone recognize where it came from? Putting your brand on your cups distinguishes you from competition. Even if you only sell basic self-serve coffee, it’s worth it to have your name out there.”


Do What Big Brands Do
Many major food service chains include customized printing as part of their overall sales strategy. Some, like Starbucks, famously refresh their cups during the holidays, sparking annual buzz about the new seasonal designs. Others cross-promote through social media, printing QR codes and hashtags on cups to be scanned for extra deals. Mission BBQ, known for giving back to charity, prints a series of “American Hero Cups” dedicating $2 from every purchase to causes supporting local police, firefighters and first responders.


Does that mean your family-owned restaurant can’t afford to compete with national chains? Not at all.  We, here at Cup Printing Service specialize in making smaller businesses look like megabrands, with attention-grabbing graphics and vibrant logo reproduction. Clients feel like VIPs too with the advantage of faster turnarounds and flexible pricing.




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