How To Buy Custom Printed Cups – Cup Printing 101

bulk disposable cups and reusable cups, what's better?

Good morning, class. Welcome to Cup Printing 101 — where restaurants and food service suppliers get the knowledge they need to confidently buy custom printed cups. You’ll learn the fundamentals about printing options, branding and graphic design requirements, and whether you should go for custom styrofoam cups or a plastic cup with your logo.

Today’s topic: Cup Options



Styrofoam vs. Plastic. Which to choose? Of course, it depends on the beverages served — hot or cold. But there are other factors like cost, printing, and shipping that should be part of your decision-making.

custom styrofoam cups from a local restaurant Houston
Custom styrofoam cups from Cedars, one of our local, Houston clients.
  • Custom Styrofoam cups are budget friendly custom printed cups –  if price is your main concern. They’re less expensive to manufacture and have double-duty insulation for both hot and cold beverages.  And these printed foam cups stand out as an art piece all by themselves! Any graphics you print on them stand out against the crisp white styrofoam material that acts like a canvas for your branded art. The downsides of foam cups can sometimes be shipping. Although lighter in weight than plastic cups, they take up more space, so delivery costs can be higher.
    Good news for businesses in the Houston to Dallas area: Cup Printing has VERY affordable shipping, under $75/pallet.


  • Custom Plastic Cups are a great value too. They offer crystal-clear visibility. Some customers perceive them as more “upscale” than styrofoam. And if you go to a quality commercial printer like Cup Printing, we can help you print graphics just as vibrantly as on styrofoam. One of the upsides of this bulk disposable cup is that it is less expensive to ship outside of Texas than the custom foam cups.  Plastic cups weigh more but take up less space, so it’s less expensive to ship.
Even white printing shows up well on our plastic cups! Here’s an example of a white logo from one of our Houston clients.



Yes, they’re pricier than foam disposable cups, but the extra investment pays off in long-term exposure. These plastic cups are also reusable, so they stick around, sometimes for years. Therefore this plastic cup with your logo is likely to lead to many more people seeing your logo.

  • Frosted Cups

are simple plastic cups with a white “frost” coating which adds a bit of elegance. Popular at weddings, anniversaries and big events, they’re technically considered “disposable,” but many often save custom-printed ones as keepsakes. Just keep in mind that these are not available as an affordable bulk disposable cup, like the custom disposable cups we’ve referred to in the previous sections.


  • Stadium Cups

are especially popular (and not just for tailgating anymore). Restaurants and fast-serve convenience stores rely on these custom printed cups as extended reminders of their business name. Others promote them as souvenirs, or as invitations to come back for frequent refills.


  •  Yeti Cups.

Stainless-steel. Sturdy. Stylishly found in fine cars everywhere. Your logo and graphics will be there mile after mile, transported from home to work and back again. They’re not cheap, but like the name suggests, you’ll be putting your best Bigfoot forward.


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