Frequently Asked Questions


Buying custom cups

1. What is the minimum order for custom printed disposable cups?

10 cases.

2. How long does it take to get my cups?

14 days, that’s it. Need them sooner? Just let us know what your deadline is and we will try to make it happen.

3. What kind of artwork do I need?

We will try to work with whatever you have. Just attach your artwork in the Get a Quote form. If you have a .AI or .PDF great! If you have something else just send it to us.

4. Why is there a setup fee?

In order to print your logo on cups we need printing plates with your design on them, which we buy from a professional plate maker, which you pay for.

5. Do I have to pay a setup fee every time I reorder the same cups from you?

 No, the setup fee is one time only to buy the printing plates.

6. What if I want to change my design later on?

No problem, just keep in mind that a new design means new plates are required so you will have to pay the “setup fee” again. 

7. Do you have lids for the cups you sell?

Yes.  We have all kinds of lids, straws, cup carriers and more.

8. Do you have any discounts?

Yes!  Buy 25 cases and get 10% off

We keep the price of our printed cups low so switching over to custom print is a no brainer. 

What we can do to further sweeten the deal is offer you a free case of printed cups for any referrals you send our way.  We will also give the business you referred a free case of cups as well.  We have other deals to offer, just ask and we will not disappoint you.

9. Do you have other custom printed products?

Yes, we can provide you with

Custom printed plastic bags

Paper bags

Waxed paper

Sandwich wrap

Embossed hinged foam containers and more. 

Be warned that the minimum order for these products are much larger than the minimum order cups so we recommend starting with cups and working your way up from there.

10. What Payment methods do you accept?

Whatever is convenient for you.  Credit Card, Check, Cash, Net30.  Sorry we don’t accept Bitcoin, yet.


Delivery of custom cups

1. How does Cup Printing deliver personalized disposable cups?

We deliver by cargo van or box truck for free.

2. I am outside of Houston, how will I get my cups?

(Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Lake Charles, New Orleans etc.)

We can ship freight, it usually costs $100 per pallet if you have a loading dock.  If you dont have a loading dock expect $150 per pallet (or 10 cases of cups).

If you are beyond the mentioned areas call us for a shipping quote, we are happy to help.

3. Where will I store 10 cases of cups?

10 Cases of cups don’t take that much area but if space is that tight you have a few options. 

1- Connect us with your disposable products supplier.  Most likely we already have a relationship with them if they are in the Houston area and they may be more than happy to store your cups since you already buy products from them on a weekly basis plus we will make it worth their while.

2- Just keep them in your garage, we have clients that take advantage of bulk orders (25 cases+) and whenever they are running low on cups at the restaurant they take a case with them on their way to work, simple!

3-Talk to us, not only do we provide cups we also provide solutions.

4. Ok, I am ready, how do I get started?